UFC Undisputed Submission Of The Night

UPDATED 08/16/09 This is a easy to get Submission Of The Night i do recommand doing this early in your career. Because you if fight people that lower stats. I was using a kickboxer/wrestler I haven’t tried this with a judo or BJJ fighter yet. I did this a few times and i got submission of the night everytime you don’t have to get the submission in the first 3 minutes. If you have any question please send me a message. Here is a stats guide that used when i was doing this. Heavyweight: (max: 100 str, 80 speed, 80 cardio). Starting stats: 30 strength, 1 speed, 29 cardio. Only increase strength until it reaches 100. By this point, speed will remain 1, and cardio will be reduced in the ballpark region of 5 points. On beginner, with 100 strength, you will destroy the computer, do not let the 1 speed and 5 cardio worry you. With 100 strength, begin increasing cardio and speed until they are at 75. From here it is up to you what your final attribute setup is. Light Heavy: (max: 95 str, 85 speed, 85 cardio) Starting stats: 30 strength, 1 speed, 29 cardio and do the same process as heavyweight. This one is a bit more tricky as you have an additional 5 points to put into speed and cardio this time around, which will lower your strength a bit more. You’ll have to spend an extra few weeks of balancing them out. Remember, don’t aim for max stats, just get them close to max. Middleweight: (max: 90 strength, 90 speed, 90 cardio) This is a tricky one. I haven’t made a middleweight yet, I